A Little Bit About Brittany

I’m seriously so happy you’re here! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my web-site and for landing on my first blog post. For my first post, I really wanted to introduce you to my family. You’ve seen some of my work on this site, but I thought it would be fun for you to get to know my life outside of work, and to get to know the people I’m most grateful for. Please pull up a chair and cup of joe, I’m thrilled you’re here! 


I live in Sonoma, California with my husband, and our four, amazing kids. We’ve lived in Sonoma for just over four years now, and love every bit of the beautiful wine country we’re surrounded by. I grew up in Washington D.C, so different than the small town of Sonoma. I love raising my babies in this adorably, sweet town of ours. Sonoma is our home, and I’m so grateful to live here. 


Our oldest, Gianna is turning 16 this May. I’m taking Gianna to New York for her 16th birthday. Gianna is an unbelievable artist, she’s driven, loyal, passionate about the things that make her tick, and has a massive heart that cares deeply for those she loves. Gianna had the option to celebrate her 16th birthday anywhere in the world, and she chose New York. She’s never been, I grew up on the East Coast, so I’m so excited to show her around NYC. Our oldest son, Shaia is eight years old. Shaia is inquisitive, kind, loves math and is really goofy. Shaia shares his mamas sensitivity, I see my heart in his heart. Our youngest son, Ari has the most infectious smile, you can see and feel it from a distance. Ari lights up any room he enters with his laugh, and silly nature. Ari wears his heart on his sleeves and loves his lady friends deeply. Our baby, Delilah is our little blessing, all of our kids are. Delilah was born early due to some complications leading up to her birth. Delilah fought hard to be here with us, and we’re in a constant state of gratitude beause of it. Delilah is the most loving little being, she loves to laugh and loves to dance, if she hears any note of music, she’s dancing. Delilah loves to watch all the daily unraveling of our household and all that goes on. Delilah thinks it's totally normal to have 5 sets of loving eyes on her with all she does in this world. Our most recent baby we’ve added to the mix is our pup, Blanca. Blanca is a white lab, she’s been the perfect addition the our family. The kids love chasing her around the house, and we all love our cuddle time with her. 


The most important role I’ll ever be given is my role as a mom. I love being a mom so much. My love tank is on complete overload all the time witnessing my babies interact with each other, they love each other so deeply. I don’t take this full life I live for granted, not even for a second. I’m so grateful for my husband and our babes. I thank my lucky stars for them each and everyday. 

I’m so thrilled and honored you’re here. Thank you so much for allowing me to share a little about my family. Please add your e-mail to my e-mail list. I would love to stay in contact with you. I’ll also be adding lots of useful and fun content to my blog, so pop by and say hi, let’s stay connected! 

Special thanks to Jihan Cerda Photography.