Engaged and Excited

The holidays came and went and your guy didn't propose.  He wanted to wait for the day when LOVE is celebrated the most.  Then suddenly it happened - on Valentine's Day of course! You send YES!


 Your newly engaged and excited, dreaming in color, and your mind is racing with all of the planning details of your dream wedding.  

So what's next for the bride - to -be?  Selecting your venue, correct?   Practically speaking, yes.  

However, that one planning detail that doesn't require any practical rhyme or reason, and the one you simply can't get off your mind is.......... YOUR WEDDING DRESS!  

It's never to soon to begin thinking about the dress that inspires you.   So ask yourself, how do you want to look and feel on one of the most memorable days of your life; Simply Sophisticated, Forward Boho Chic, Romantically Rebellious, Inspired by Lavender or Lace?

Harlin & Sparrow share some of their wedding dress favs for the Modern Wine Country Bride.  SO SOHO SONOMA!












Modern Rebel.PNG





New York City Vow Renewal

Planning a vow renewal on the East Coast was slightly challenging, because we were not familiar with vendors in New York. We had a short time frame to plan the renewal due to planning logistics, so our hustle was on for sure. We love the hustle, so it just motivated us to work around the clock to make sure the renewal was as seamless as possible for the renewed bride and groom. We teamed up with some incredible vendors in NY, so that made our job much easier from start to finish.

The New York City backdrop was such a dream to work in. I grew up on the East Coast, so New York feels like home to me. I'm so taken with the East Coast, there's just such a special energy there that can't be duplicated anywhere. We touched down in New York at 12am, the morning of the vow renewal. We were up and ready by 5:30am, we still had so much to do to get ready for the guest to arrive at our first location at 9am. The vow renewal was absolutely seamless, there wasn't one hiccup, and we attribute that to all involved in the planning of the day. 

The renewed bride and groom were so happy and excited about all we had planned for them. We didn't design much for this vow renewal, we were just the planners and loved every second of it. I'm not sure we could choose a favorite moment from the day, because there were just so many incredible moments. The incredible moments included subway rides, carriage rides around Central Park, the vow renewal itself which took place in Central Park near Bow Bridge, dancing that took place near Bethesda Fountain, and a long walk in Central Park where the guest stopped to witness street performers. We ended the vow renewal with a private lunch at Daniels, it was such a wonderful way to end what was already such a special day.

The day was so memorable and will stay in our hearts forever because of the love we witnessed between two very special people. We felt so honored to be able to witness love of that caliber. The renewal was very private, so we're just showing a little glimpse into the beauty of the day. We love you NYC, and can't wait to return to your magical city.